Which Areas Are Covered Under Air Conditioning Service In Sydney?

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, enjoys a temperate and sunny climate throughout the year. However, it experiences severe thunderstorms between October and March. Since summers are hot and warm and winters mild, air conditioners are immensely popular there. While the installation of the same poses no problems, it is the servicing that needs attention.

The metropolitan area of Sydney is divided into many different parts. Thus, it becomes mandatory to see if the AC service provider services a particular area in Sydney.  With the ACs providing a comfortable living space without being too obtrusive, it is easy to forget that they need to be serviced. But only when ACs are regularly serviced and repaired on time, can they function well for long. Soit is always better to understand beforehand:

  • If AC servicing is easily available in Sydney and
  • What are the services involved?

If the installation is in a remote area and if it suffers a breakdown, then it will take time for the air conditioner service to reach the area. This is especially true for air conditioning Northern Beaches. So, prevention is better than cure, and ensuring that the ACs are regularly serviced after the required interval help to keep it working steadily prevents the unprecedented breakdown of the HVAC system.

The selection of the AC servicing company depends on certain factors:

  • The areas it services: If the company services all areas of Sydney like the Eastern and Western Suburbs, South Sydney, North Shore, Inner West, Hills District etc., then such a company will prove to be an asset in the future. Even if a person needs to translocate within Sydney, he can do so with peace knowing that the same AC service company will take care of all the details regarding transfer of AC.
  • The services it provides: A servicing company needs to be adept at providing all services related to the functioning of the AC. Some of the services that should be provided by AC servicing companies are:
    • Quality workmanship provided by highly trained and expert technicians,
    • 24×7 service or at least 24×7 accessibility so that:
      • They can be immediately informed after a breakdown and
      • They can send workmen to do the job at the first available opportunity,
    • Provision for emergency service as and when required,
    • On-going support even after the installation is complete so that service requirements can be catered to.
  • Experience and expertise: Air conditioner come in different makes and models. It becomes mandatory for the AC servicing company to provide services for all makes and models that are currently available in the market.

The above factors when taken into consideration make life relatively easy with the AC functioning to its capacity and providing the necessary cooling. If, however, a customer has any doubts, he can get in touch with Endeavour Air Conditioning at (02) 9585 9955 for a superlative AC servicing experience and wide coverage of Sydney.


Is Commercial Air Conditioning System Safe During This Pandemic?

Coronavirus has been termed a pandemic. It has infected millions of people worldwide. With such high infection rates, it becomes important to understand how the virus gets transmitted. This is the only way by which safety measures can be taken and people can adopt ways to safeguard themselves against the virus.

One important question that was foremost in everyone’s mind was whether the virus could be air transmitted. Specifically, whether it was safe to use commercial air conditioning or whether using HVAC systems would aid in its spread.

The data available on the mode of transmission of the virus indicates that it can only be transmitted through droplets. Precisely speaking, when a person talks, sneezes, coughs, laughs out loud, etc., the cough lets that come out transmit the virus from one person to another. Since information about the size of the cough or droplet that can cause infection is still not known and practical data on HVAC and coronavirus transmission is very less, nothing can be said for sure yet.

There are several factors that need to be considered here like:

  • Size of the particles: If droplets are large about 60µm or more, they will land on surfaces where some of the fluid will evaporate making the droplet smaller in size of about 2.5 µm to 10 µm. Droplets of this size remain suspended in the air for quite a long time and hence chances of their entering the HVAC systems are also quite high.

  • Filtration: Each commercial air conditioning unit has a process that filters out particles in different ways and levels. Thus, if the AC has a capacity for filtering out particles bigger than a coronavirus droplet, then COVID 19 can be spread through the AC filtration system. But there is no evidence that amply justifies or proves the fact.

  • Air usage: There are two different ways of air usage in HVAC systems. Some recycle air while others draw air from the outside. The ones that depend on outside air are relatively safer as they reduce the risk of environmental exposure.

  • Temperature and humidity: There is evidence that low temperature and low humidity levels, as is common when using commercial air conditioning in Sydney, enable respiratory infection causing viruses like SARS to survive. But according to AIRAH, there is yet no evidence that proves that aircons aid the transmission of the COVID19 virus.

Aircons are typically air-circulation systems wherein a small portion of outside air is added, and an equal amount expelled. Before the air is recirculated, it is filtered and moved within the system using fans. Heating and cooling are provided by the finned coils present.

A virus infected droplet needs to undergo a journey involving ducted airways with multiple direction changes and varied air velocities. It also experiences multiple impacting surfaces like fans, dampers, grills, and air filters. Thus, there is a high chance that during this journey, the particle would impact surfaces, entrain and then dry on surfaces.

Thus while the transmission is theoretically possible, it is practically not very feasible in well designed and maintained HVAC systems of the commercial air conditioning Sydney. Any person needing more information on whether HVAC systems transmit COVID19 should ideally call up Endeavour Air Conditioning at (02) 9585 9955 for the same.