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How to clean up your air conditioning at home during COVID 19 outbreak?

The corona virus pandemic has disrupted almost all aspects of our lives. Additionally, with the summer temperatures rising, it has been a difficult situation to tackle.

The urge to switch on the air conditioning in Sydney to gain comfort from the heat is getting stronger. Yet there is also the fear that switching on the AC without proper servicing can lead to electrical problems. Since most people prefer to get their ACs serviced at the beginning of the season, and lockdown norms preventing the servicemen from coming over, getting the aircon service was becoming a problem of huge proportion.

Taking this into account most AC manufacturers came forward with detailed steps to clean and maintain ACs at home. Cleaning the indoor unit of the AC is quite simple and involves following the below given steps:

  • The AC needs to be switched off before performing any other function. It is best to take off the plug too.

  • Then the Air conditioning Sydney panel needs to be opened. Different ACs have different ways by which they can be opened. Generally, a simple push at both sides is enough to lift it.

  • Now the two filters present inside need to be removed. These filters must be washed using a soft brush and soap. Once cleaned and after proper drying, they can be put back into the AC.

  • The evaporator also attracts dirt, and it is normal to see dirt webs on it. This can be cleaned using a toothbrush and soap water. The dust needs to be gently rubbed with soap water and cleaned further with a soft cloth. Extreme care needs to be taken while doing this otherwise the sharp fins might cut the skin of the fingers and hand. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove most of the dirt from the evaporator coils. But to reach the extreme top corners of the Air conditioning in Sydney, it is best to use a soft toothbrush. Keeping the AC panel open to let the evaporator dry is not mandatory but it is a good and safe practice.

  • The filters need to be placed back into the relevant groove after they are dried.

  • The AC panel should be carefully closed, the opened plug put back into the socket and the AC switched on.

This will enable the percolation of cold air into the room thereby bringing down the temperature considerably and making the room comfortable.

The outdoor unit needs to be cleaned next. The AC needs to shut down and the plug removed from the socket. The MCB controlling the AC also needs to be switched off. The top of the outdoor unit is then unscrewed and the condenser fins present need to be vacuumed. The soft-bristled attachment of the vacuum cleaner should be used to rid the fan of anything that might hinder airflow. Once cleaned, the fan needs to be removed, and the interior washed with a high-speed water jet. It needs to be left to dry completely before switching on the Air conditioner Sydney.

If the air conditioner still does not function to capacity, it is best to get in touch with Endeavour Air Conditioning at (02) 9585 9955.