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Air Conditioning Cleaning, How Much Does It Cost?

For a typical house in an urban setting, the air conditioning is something that provides the right environment and helps you get an oasis of relaxation and rest in your favourite corner. It is the air conditioner which helps you feel welcome during the hot summer days and which makes you cosy inside while a chilly breeze blows outside. An air conditioner and the allied systems are crucial parts of the house which create a healthy and comfortable ambience in the house.

Over time, however, the whole system finds more and more difficult to provide the same level of comfort and cool as it did right after installation. Similarly, the heating provided by the HVAC might be consuming more energy to produce the same amount of heat. The reason for reduced efficiency is chiefly unclean systems that have collected dirt over time.

Getting the air conditioner thoroughly cleaned

As part of the annual maintenance and repair job the air conditioner is always cleaned by the professionals you hire or the company servicemen that visit however, that is never enough for any air conditioner system. Air conditioning cleaning is a regular affair, not something that you can get away with by doing it once a year or only with an annual maintenance. Cleaning the system is essential for keeping the whole setup healthy for longer periods.

This should be noted that cleaning the air conditioner is not something being done to provide more cooling or heat to the house. Cleaning the system will get you the same efficiency that was there in the beginning which means lower energy bills later in the lifecycle. Cleaning also translates into a lot of savings because a whole lot of big-ticket repairs can be prevented if the compressor, pumps and other parts are working fine because you cleaned it regularly.

What is the cost of air conditioner cleaning?

This is a tricky question because there cannot be a single answer to this. The cost of cleaning can be nil if you do it yourself but can reach $100 or even $400 depending on the kind of system, the amount of cleaning, whether the installation is commercial or residential and the expertise of the service provider. It is to be noted here that getting your air conditioner cleaned can be a standalone service or it can be negotiated as part of your annual maintenance package. Ideally, the air conditioner should be cleaned once before every seasonal shift.

Mostly, handling of any electrical appliance should be strictly done by professional service providers. The DIY approach is not recommended for anyone when it comes to major appliances like the air conditioner. Handling air conditioning Sydney even for simply cleaning it is a complex task that warrants specialized tools and solutions. It also requires you to know the system in and out so that nothing is damaged. Cleaning requires water and water does not mix well with electricity hence, it is simply irrational to handle it without any expert help.

air conditioning vents replacement

Air Conditioning Vents Replacement, How Do We Do It?

If you have an air conditioner it is best to periodically call for air conditioning service so that the appliance remains functional and delivers top performance. An important part of air conditioner maintenance is air conditioning vents replacement which leads to multiple benefits for your appliance. A vent replacement upgrades the look of your AC and improves its efficiency.

However, to achieve the best results you should ask a professional to help you and the ideal period to go for a replacement is every 15-20 years. For convenience, you can club it with ductwork replacement.

How is air conditioning vent replaced?

All ducted air conditioners use a network of ducts and vents to transport air around the building. The vents can be in the floor, ceiling or the walls. The vents are available in different sizes, shapes and aesthetic appeal so that they can suit the space and each one provides a unique air flow.

Replacement of vents must be handled by a professional who is qualified to do the job and can ensure that no problem occurs with the newly fitted vents. It is advised that you do not try a DIY replacement as it needs an expert to look at the entire system.

The four steps of vent replacement are:

  1. Turn off the power to the air conditioner and lay out sheets to avoid mess
  2. Replace the crew and clean the ductwork
  3. Replace the old vent with new ones
  4. Do a performance test to ensure the air flow is perfect and in the right direction

With the multiple options, available in the market, you can choose a vent that complements the interiors of your space and accentuates its aesthetic beauty.

When should you replace the air conditioning vents?

As mentioned earlier the ideal time to replace the vents is after 15-20 years. However, there are other factors that determine and influence the need for replacing the vents:

  • Visible damage: Any mold or cracks that you notice on the vents are a sign that the vents need replacement. Mold build up can pose health risks so you must take this seriously.
  • High utility bills: If vents are blocked or broken you will notice a rise in your energy bills. When the vents are blocked, or broken the system needs to work harder to transport the air around the building. This means more energy consumption and higher energy bills.
  • Poor air quality: When the vents are broken or blocked, dust and dirt can get transported along with the conditioned air, thus decreasing the quality of air.

If you notice any of the above signs of damage or you think the vents are due for replacement, then you must hire a professional service provider who specializes in air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Make sure you call a professional who holds licenses and certifications to operate in your area. A timely air conditioner vent replacement will ensure better air quality, give you increased comfort and help you save energy.

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