How to Clean Air Conditioner Filter

How to Clean Air Conditioner Filter?

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The climate of Sydney is such that it becomes almost a necessity to keep the air conditioning on throughout the day. But did you know a running air conditioning accumulates dirt in its filter? By its design, it catches dust particles and every other tiny foreign object that flows in with the air. Needless to say, the filter gets dirty from time to time and needs to be cleaned to ensure a seamless flow of cool air into your rooms. Besides that, a clean air conditioning filter will also make the air conditioning motor consume less energy as compared to the motor of an AC with a dirty and clogged filter, which has to work twice as hard to condition the air.

How to Clean Air Conditioner Filter: Step by Step

The question is how to clean air conditioner filters? Well, the process is quite simple. You just need to follow these simple steps to clean the filters. But do remember that hiring a professional to do it will remove any possibilities of damages or errors.

Step 1: Know how an air conditioning filter looks like

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Firstly, you should know what an AC filter looks like. In most air conditioners, it looks like a tray with networks of mesh. It can be located by popping up the plastic hood or cover of the AC indoor unit. The filters are usually fitted into a place specifically marked for them.

Step 2: Keep the air conditioning switched off

You must keep the AC switched off while taking the filter out. Gently take the filters out one at a time, there will be two, and keep them aside. Since an AC is fitted at a high position, ask someone to assist you by either holding you in place or taking the filter from you as you remove them. This will help you avoid accidents and damage.

Step 3: Take it out and wash

Once you have taken the filter out, take it outdoors or inside a closed washroom and use a brush to shake off all the dust from it. Be sure to cover your mouth and nose while you do it. You can also wash the mesh on the filter with water,

Step 4: Drying

Before you put them back in the air conditioner, make sure they’re completely dry, perhaps by leaving them out in the sun to dry.

Step 5: Put them back

Once the filters are clean you can fit them back in the space marked for them and gently close the lid.

Ideally, you should be cleaning your air conditioning filter once every three to four weeks, especially if the climate where you live is dry and the air contains a lot of dust. You should also make sure to service and maintain your air conditioning at least once a year.

Hire Professional Air Conditioning Service

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When the issue at hand is a clogged air conditioning filter that you can’t handle on your own, the clear way out of this mess is to call Endeavor air conditioning service Sydney. This way, you can be sure that your air conditioning is in the best hands possible and also avoid any injuries or damages that may happen when you try to do it yourself.