Why Is My Air Conditioning Running But Not Heating

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The ability to utilise the same aircon unit for cooling and heating is among the most unappreciated privileges of the twenty-first century. However, what follows when that choice is no longer available? We at Endeavour Air Conditioning are the leading air conditioning Sydney experts and can cater to all your specific heating and cooling requirements.

Many clients call us with the air conditioning running but not heating issue. In some cases, there is only a minor cause for it, while in others, it could be something complex causing the problem. Here is some helpful information to help you understand the causes and fixes.

Reasons For Air Conditioning Running But Not Heating

Nothing is more unpleasant than being in a cold room as a malfunctioning air conditioner fails to warm you up. Before delving into the AC heating problem’s causes, I should mention that every unit requires a few minutes of warming up before it begins to create heat. Ensure you give it some time before panicking. There may be numerous explanations why your Ac system cannot produce heat, but these are the most common:

1. There Is No Heating Option Available

There is a solution to your current dilemma that appears basic yet is frequently missed. Those who have recently purchased a new air conditioning unit and are having issues with the heating mode may need to consult the user handbook.

Checking to see if your unit is fitted with a reverse air conditioning system must be your first step if the machine will not begin heating. A widespread misperception among purchasers of air conditioners is that all systems are the same.

Avoid purchasing a non-heating air conditioner by speaking with the vendor or reviewing the model’s specifications online. If you cannot find the information in the instructions, the heating mode indicator on the remote should show if you can use the AC for heating.

2. You are Using Incorrect Settings

Turning on the air conditioner like you would during the summer is insufficient. For the heat mode to function, you must configure the parameters appropriately.

Here’s how to ensure that your air conditioner is in heat mode:

  • Change the setting to HEAT: If you wish to heat the space, avoid setting the device on AUTO mode. The temperature must be adjusted higher than for cooling for the air conditioner’s heating feature to function correctly. The government-recommended heating setting of 20 degrees Celsius will not be sufficient to activate the heat pump. Adjust the temperature to at least 75°F (24°C) instead.
  • Set the fan speed: Once more, you should not leave the air conditioner in automatic mode. Alternately, adjust the fan’s direction and speed to your liking.

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