Tips To Choose the Right Air Conditioning Units

Choosing the perfect air conditioning unit can be quite challenging. To help you make a well-informed decision, here are a few useful tips from the specialists at Endeavour Air Conditioning.

The Types of Air Conditioners

There are three basic types of air conditioners that you can choose from:

The Split System

This air conditioner is perfect for compact spaces, and cooling or heating rooms in your house. In split system units, the compressor is set up outside your property, and a separate indoor unit passes the air into your home.  The two main advantages of the split system are:

  • Economical – You are buying and setting up a single unit at a time. These systems are energy-efficient compared to other systems.
  • Selective – You can choose to install this system in any room.

The Multi-Split System

These systems require a single compressor to run several air conditioners throughout your house. The three main benefits of installing a multi-split system include:

  • Comfortable, convenient, and economical
  • The climate of each room can be controlled as needed
  • With a single outdoor compressor, you can select up to five individual units for rooms. This includes wall-mounted, duct-connected, celling-suspended, cassette-type, or floor-standing units.


This air conditioning system offers all-in-one climate control. It has an outdoor unit and another indoor one with flexible ducting that effectively cools or heats your rooms via vents. Here are the advantages of ducted systems:

  • Can be tailor-fitted for a new or existing house
  • Quieter than other air conditioning units
  • Aside from the controller and grilles, the rest of the components are not visible.
  • Adds to the value of your property
  • You maximize energy efficiency
  • You can also zone-control your house.

Selecting the Right Air Conditioning Capacity

There are several factors that you have to take into account while calculating the exact capacity you require, it includes:

  • The size of your room – the height, length, and width
  • The size and positioning of the windows and glass doors. Large windows let in a lot of heat during summers
  • Insulation of the floor, walls, and ceiling
  • The type of room – living room, bedroom, or kitchen
  • Shading and curtains on the windows
  • The local climate

Besides, you will also have to choose whether you require an inverter or non-inverter model and whether you need cooling, heating, or both. Since there are so many aspects to consider while selecting an air conditioning unit, its best to get help from experts like us at Endeavour Air Conditioning. Feel free to call us at (02) 9199 0372 or send us your queries through this Contact Us form, and we will respond shortly.

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