Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Vs Split System: What Are The Differences?

What is the best air conditioning system for your building? Choosing the best for it could be very difficult. It could also depend on the type of building, whether it’s a residential or a commercial building. So, How do you choose between all of the air conditioning types and models on the market today?

One of the most common types of air conditioning systems today is the reverse cycle. You’ve probably also heard of or seen split system air conditioning. So, what distinguishes these air conditioning systems?

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

This kind of air conditioning system combines two systems into one. Reverse cycle air conditioning can heat and cool at the same time. It can keep your house or office comfortable throughout the year. In addition, reverse cycle air conditioning is more efficient than other heating and cooling systems.

This air conditioning removes heat from the indoor air and transfers it outside to make your house cool. In the heating mode, this air conditioning system reverses its operation.
They transfer heat from the outside to the inside. As a result, there will be heat energy outside even in the coldest weather. There are two types of reverse cycle air conditioning: ducted and split systems.


Split systems are not all reverse cycle air conditioning. Some split systems only provide cooling. On the other hand, reverse cycle split systems can heat and cool simultaneously. Split systems are divided into two parts.

A split system consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that is typically wall-mounted. A split air conditioning can only heat or cool one room or a small space. It is simple to set up and works well. As a result, split systems are one of the most popular types of air conditioning on the market today.

The Benefits of A Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Installing a reverse cycle air conditioning will provide you with more than just efficient heating and cooling. This air conditioning will save you money on your utility bills, especially during the winter. Transferring heat from the outside to the inside of your home uses far less energy than producing heat.

You will not need to purchase and install multiple systems with this kind of air conditioning system. Instead, you will get all of your heating and cooling from a single air conditioner. Heating with this air conditioner is also extremely safe. Even when in heating mode, the reverse cycle air conditioning components will remain cool.

The Benefit of A Split-System Air Conditioning

A split air conditioning unit is simple to instal because no ductwork is required. Even if the outdoor unit is 100 feet away from the indoor unit, only a small hole in the wall is required for the copper tubing and control wing to pass through. If a flat section of the roof is available, the air conditioning system could be installed there. The installation is also cost-effective because the fittings require only minor modifications to your home. The lack of ductwork means lower labour costs and, as a result, more affordable installation.

Make Your Choice

So, after reading the description above, have you been able to decide which type of air conditioning you will use? Or are you even more confused to decide?

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