Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney

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A fully ducted system provides heating or cooling to every room of your home or business premises through insulated flexible ducting located in the ceiling or under the floor.

Outdoor/Indoor Units : The outdoor condenser is located in a suitable position and can be either at ground level or mounted on brackets on the wall.  The unit is connected to the indoor fan coil unit, which is located in the ceiling, by refrigeration pipe work and electrical controls.

Grilles:   The air is distributed through multi-directional ceiling grilles to provide even air flow to every part of the room.  These can be either square, round or linear and come in a range of sizes in either plastic or metal.

Ducted Air Condition Grills
Filteration:  Air quality is assured via a washable filter in the return air grille. For those with extra sensitivity electrostatic air purification filters are available on request.

Ducted Air Condition Controls     Controls:   A user friendly electronic control located in a convenient location on the wall gives you optimum control over the temperature to maintain ‘total indoor comfort’
These come fully programmable with 7 day time clock, fan speed selection & zone operation.

:   Zoning means dividing the rooms into separately controlled areas.  Each zone can be switched on or off as the need arises, e.g. Day Zone (Living Areas) and Night Zone (Bedrooms).  This is a cost and energy efficient option.

Electrical Power Supply Most small to medium size systems will operate with single phase, while larger systems will require 3 phase. Endeavour Air will take care of all the electrical requirements and can coordinate the upgrade to 3 phase if required.

floorplan     We can design a system perfectly suited to your needs, whether to an existing building or new. We can visit your premises for a free on site survey or design a system from your plans to be programmed into the construction of the building.  

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