Split System Air Conditioning Sydney

Split System Air Conditioning SydneySplit systems air conditioning in Sydney are designed to provide air-conditioned comfort to a specific area. The outdoor unit is located separately to the indoor unit; they are connected by pipe work.There are many styles and models to choose from, the most popular being the wall mounted split system. Other styles include floor mounted splits, under ceiling cassettes and multi-head splits.

Maintaining your personal “comfort” level is a infrared remote control thermostat operating to detect any change in temperature.  This can be mounted on the wall or any convenient position and will give you automatic temperature control, fan speed selection, timer on and off control and operational display of the system in the air conditioned space.


melectric-ceiling Floor Consoles & Under Ceiling Cassettes These systems work on the same principal as the hi-wall split with the outdoor unit separate from the indoor unit, pipe work can run up to 20 m and can be placed under the floor or through the roof. These systems are great when wall space is limited.
Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioning  Multi-Head systems have one outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor units. When ducted air conditioning is not possible, this would be the best option for air conditioned comport in multiple rooms.

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